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We offer a range of solutions if you require surgery

Queensland Knee Surgery Clinic caters for a variety of knee problems. In some cases, issues can be managed non operatively through medication, physiotherapy, a referral to a podiatrist for specific orthotics for the knee and activity modification. If non operative measures have been exhausted and surgery is the next step, Dr Gallagher has extensive experience in surgery of the knee. A wide variety and high volume of procedures are performed ranging from simple arthroscopic "keyhole" procedures to ACL reconstructions as well as partial and total knee replacement.

Knee Surgery

The main surgical procedures performed by Dr Gallagher can be considered under the three categories as follows:

Knee Physiotherapy

Not all patients have conditions which require surgery and often pain may be relieved with a combination of physiotherapy, education and where appropriate medication.  Often no specific injury to the knee will have occurred but rather a simple activity may result in the onset of symptoms.  Sometimes knee pain arises from structures outside the knee rather than cartilage within and patients involved in repetitive straight line activities such as jogging or cycling may develop inflammation (tendonitis) or degenerative tearing (tendinosis) of a tendon or inflammation of a padded bursa (bursitis) where it runs over a bony prominence.

Our physiotherapist Robert Godbolt can advise patients on how to avoid injury and sometimes surgery by employing a range of techniques including pre & post exercise warm up and warm down drills, position sense (proprioception) drills, general fitness, lower body strength and flexibility programs.   Should it be required, he can also teach patients how to tape their knee and fit a knee brace.   A thorough understanding of the anatomy of the knee joint means that Robert plays an integral role in ensuring patients achieve the best result in the most efficient manner.

Sports Knee Clinic

We understand when a patient has sustained a sudden injury through sport that prevents them from being able to train or play, they need it attended to as a matter of urgency.  Acutely injured patients can usually be seen within 48 hours at our Sports Knee Clinic.

Immediate bracing and protective weight bearing to prevent further injury can be co-ordinated and our staff are able to assist in directing patients to facilities where x-rays, MRIs or other appropriate imaging can be carried out as soon as possible. Patients will usually be assessed by several members of our team to ensure their injury is correctly diagnosed and managed and that they are provided where necessary with analgesia, anti-inflammatories, physiotherapy and a date for surgery if required. The primary goal of our Sports Knee Clinic is to allow patients with an acute knee injury to be prioritised so that the diagnosis and management of their knee condition is attended to at the earliest opportunity so they can resume their normal activities without delay.