Ruptured ACL?

Priority treatment within 24 to 48 hours

Change in direction sports such as rugby, netball, soccer and skiing as well as simple twisting injuries can all result in a ruptured ACL.

If you think you may have ruptured your ACL we can assist by:

  • ordering & reviewing an MRI to confirm partial or complete rupture

  • providing advice regarding bracing & crutches

  • suggestions for management of swelling

  • non operative management if partial rupture

  • priority pathway to surgical treatment if required

If you have any queries regarding an ACL injury, please complete our online form or phone us today on 07 3834 7064.

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It's important to get a prompt and accurate diagnosis to determine the severity of the injury and get proper treatment.

Why Choose Us ?

Queensland Knee Surgery Clinic caters for a variety of knee problems.

In some cases, issues can be managed non operatively through medication, physiotherapy, a referral to a podiatrist for specific orthotics for the knee and activity modification.

If non operative measures have been exhausted and surgery is the next step, Dr Gallagher has extensive experience in surgery of the knee. A wide variety and high volume of procedures are performed ranging from simple arthroscopic "keyhole" procedures to ACL reconstructions as well as partial and total knee replacement.

To discuss options best suited to you, complete our online form or phone today on 07 3834 7064.

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Knee Surgery

The main surgical procedures performed by Dr Gallagher can be considered under the three categories as follows: REJUVENATION, RECONSTRUCTION, and REPLACEMENT.

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Knee Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapist Robert Godbolt can advise patients on how to avoid injury and sometimes surgery by employing a range of techniques including pre & post exercise warm up and warm down drills, position sense (proprioception) drills, general fitness, lower body strength and flexibility programs.

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Sports Knee Clinic

The primary goal of our Sports Knee Clinic is to allow patients with an acute knee injury to be prioritised so that the diagnosis and management of their knee condition is attended to at the earliest opportunity so they can resume their normal activities without delay.

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Over 7000 happy clients

I have been attending the QKSC for approx. 8yrs now.
I have had 7 surgeries during this time.
All of the QKSC staff have been a delight to deal with.
I would highly recommend a visit to QKSC if you have Knee troubles.

Tony Dunn

I found all the QKSC staff courteous and very helpful throughout my consultations and recovery period. Thanks for everything.

Phil Howden

The clinic is beautiful and spotless. The receptionists are always very welcoming and do everything they can to accommodate you and your schedule. The care I receive from the surgeon, physiotherapist and staff was exceptional with my first knee reconstruction. I even went back and got my other knee reconstruction here as well. I recommend this surgery above any other.

Meg Kettle

We are ready to discuss effective ACL treatment options today.

At the Queensland Knee Surgery Clinic, we are proud to offer the most effective treatment options for ACL injuries. From physical therapy to reconstructive surgeries, our team provide the targeted care that athletes need in order to make a full, successful recovery following a torn ACL.

It is our mission to help athletes to prevent ACL injuries, and whether you need treatment or would simply like to discuss options with our in-house Sports Physiotherapist, we are heare to help. Phone today on 07 3834 7064 or take the first step by completing our online enquiry form.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr John Gallagher

Dr John Gallagher
Orthopaedic Surgeon

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