Sports knee clinic

At Queensland Knee Surgery Clinic, we understand that when a patient has sustained a sudden injury through sport or other activity that prevents them from being able to train or play, it is desirable to have the injury attended to as a matter of urgency. Acutely injured patients can usually be seen within 48-72 hours at one of our Sports Knee Clinics, with patients injured over the weekend able to attend a Monday or Tuesday morning clinic while patients injured mid-week are able to attend a Thursday morning clinic. Our Sports Knee Clinics are run by Dr John Gallagher (Orthopaedic Surgeon – Knee Specialist), Dr Emily Farrell (Medical Practitioner) and Mr Robert Godbolt (Physiotherapist) – all of whom are members of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA).

Immediate bracing and protective weight bearing to prevent further injury can be co-ordinated as a matter of urgency and our staff are able to assist in directing patients to facilities where x-rays, MRIs or other appropriate imaging can be carried out as soon as possible. Patients will usually be assessed by several members of our team to ensure that their injury is correctly diagnosed and managed and that they are provided where necessary with analgesia, anti-inflammatories, walking aids, knee brace, physiotherapy and a date for surgery if required. The primary goal of our Sports Knee Clinic is to allow patients with an acute knee injury to be prioritised so that the diagnosis and management of their knee condition is attended to at the earliest opportunity in order that they can resume their normal activities of daily living and sporting pursuits without delay.