Mr Robert Godbolt graduated from the University of Queensland in 1991 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and has over 20 years experience in physiotherapy and has been with the Queensland Knee Surgery Clinic since 2010. He has an extensive understanding of the knee and provides patients with expert pre and post operative physiotherapy treatment. Working closely with Dr Emily Farrell and our orthopaedic knee surgeon Dr John Gallagher, Rob has a detailed knowledge of both acute knee injuries and chronic degenerative conditions and is able to accurately assess and diagnose knee problems and determine the most appropriate treatment pathway.

Not all patients who present with knee pain will require medical management or surgery and common injuries such as sprains and ligament strains can often be managed through physiotherapy. Should an injury be significant, Rob is able to assist maintaining function and movement of the knee until medical management or surgery takes place. Rob has a particular interest in sports injuries and was full time physiotherapist to the Brisbane Broncos for nearly 10 years. He has also worked with the Reds Rugby College, the Zimbabwe and Queensland Cricket Teams, the Queensland Academy of Sport as well as individual athletes from national netball, athletics and rugby union teams. Rob is a member of Sports Medicine Australia, the Australian Physiotherapy Association and is a non titled member of the Sports Physiotherapist Association. Robert is the current physiotherapist for the Queensland State of Origin Rugby League team.