Patients with a painful knee may have one or more musculoskeletal conditions that are likely to benefit from physiotherapy. Queensland Knee Surgery Clinic has a highly skilled musculoskeletal physiotherapist Mr Robert Godbolt who has extensive experience in knee rehabilitation following sports injury, arthritis or surgery, having worked at the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League for nearly 10 years.  Robert is the current physiotherapist for the Queensland State of Origin Rugby League team.

Not all patients who attend Queensland Knee Surgery Clinic have conditions which require surgery and often pain may be relieved with a combination of physiotherapy, analgesia, education and where appropriate, non-steroidal and other anti-inflammatory therapy. Often no specific injury to the knee will have occurred but rather a simple activity such as bending down combined with some cartilage deterioration may result in compression and minor tearing of meniscal cartilage or splitting of articular cartilage within the knee resulting in the onset of symptoms. Sometimes knee pain arises from structures outside the knee rather than cartilage within the knee and people involved in repetitive straight line activities such as jogging or cycling may develop inflammation (tendonitis) or degenerative tearing (tendinosis) of a tendon or inflammation of a padded bursa (bursitis) where it runs over a bony prominence.

Common knee ailments include patella and quadriceps tendinitis and tendinosis, iliotibial band bursitis and pes bursitis. These conditions if left untreated or not managed correctly can result in unnecessary deterioration of a reversible problem, making otherwise avoidable surgery necessary and initiate chronic joint problems. Patients who experience knee pain whilst walking up or down stairs, squatting or kneeling or other knee problems including clicking, catching or swelling are advised to seek assessment by an experienced musculoskeletal practitioner such as Mr Robert Godbolt or other physiotherapist. If seen early enough, many knee injuries will not require surgery and sometimes simple muscle stretching and strengthening will assist in achieving a pain free knee.

People involved in change of direction sports – especially those that involve twisting or rapid acceleration and deceleration such as netball, football, skiing, tennis or squash – may present with torn cartilage or ligaments within the knee. Severe pain, swelling, locking or giving way are common with these types of injury and patients can be accurately assessed by our physiotherapist who can where necessary, refer patients on to our medical practitioner Dr Emily Farrell or to our orthopaedic knee surgeon Dr John Gallagher should surgery be required. Rehabilitation programs can then be tailored for post surgical patients with specific goals in mind to assist returning to activities of daily living initially and then to work and recreational activities as appropriate.

Queensland Knee Surgery Clinic prides itself on optimising outcomes with minimal intervention and with this in mind, our physiotherapist can also advise patients on how to avoid injury and sometimes surgery by employing a range of techniques including pre and post exercise warm up and warm down drills, position sense (proprioception) drills, general fitness, lower body strength and flexibility programs. Should it be required, our physiotherapist can also teach patients how to tape their knee and fit a knee brace. A thorough understanding of the anatomy of the knee joint and the surgical and non surgical options available means that the physiotherapy skills of Mr Robert Godbolt play an integral role in ensuring patients achieve the best result in the most efficient manner.