Jessica Houlcroft joined the QKSC  team in 2015 in a part time capacity whilst undertaking a double degree in Nursing and Paramedicine at the Australian Catholic University.   On clinic days, Jessica works alongside Dr Gallagher to ensure patients – whether pre operative or post operative – are thoroughly assessed.

Jessica consults with patients prior to them seeing Dr Gallagher in order to update their history, note their progress following surgery, discuss medications and educate patients with respect to pain management and how to avoid post operative complications.  At the two week post operative appointment, Jessica takes down any dressings, assesses mobility, swelling and range of motion and invites patients to discuss any concerns or queries they may have following their surgery.

Jessica has an earnest enthusiasm to help patients to recover from their knee surgery safely and swiftly and patients are encouraged to contact Jessica should there be anything they are not sure about – particularly in the initial post operative recovery phase.