Dr Bruce Hammonds graduated from Otago University Medical School in 1996 and began his anaesthetic career in 1999.  In 2004 he was admitted as a Fellow of the Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.   Since completing specialist training in 2004 he has worked as a dual specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine across a range of specialties in adult and paediatric patients.  In 2008 he also became a Fellow of the College of Intensive Care Medicine.  From 2010 Dr Hammonds has concentrated on anaesthesia in the private sector with particular experience in knee, foot and ankle orthopaedic surgery.  His primary concerns are patient safety and comfort at the time of surgery and return to function through effective pain management post operatively.  Dr Hammonds is a member of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and has worked with Dr Gallagher since 2010.  Dr Hammonds is a member of the AXXON Anaesthesia Group and for further information regarding anaesthesia or details of Bruce’s Anaesthetic Practice, call 3214 8555 or go to www.axxon.com.au